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Our Vision

  • To identify the needs of a particular project and use a viable approach to find the best solution.
  • To empower individuals and communities and improving the capacity of people to address environmental problems by encouraging action based projects that are important in tackling environmental injustice.
  • To facilitate the prioritization of programmes which aim to educate people about the links between consumption patterns and environmental degradation.
  • To ensure that poor people, especially the female gender are included in information dissemination and training programmes designed to promote the effective management of natural resources at grass root level.
  • To ensure there is effective management and conservation of bio resources which can increase the opportunities to discover or develop new natural products for food and medicine, leading to a boost in economy.
  • To help develop healthy generations by implementing clean and green environmental initiatives.
  • To facilitate financial freedom for poor communities through various self-development or dependent schemes.

Our Mission

  • We seek to encourage and integrate 3 components of sustainable development which are: Economic Development, Social Development and Protection Framework.
  • We seek to promote African inter-goaled sustainable development that is commonly driven and guard forward job and wealth creation.
  • We seek to raise awareness on innovative technologies in the field of sustainability and renewable energy in order to encourage and establish an Economy based on renewable energy.
  • We encourage an enabling environment where proper growth and development can take place. We also provide enlightenment programmes that help to educate people for a better and more developed society.
  • We take into consideration waste reduction, pollution control and environmental sensitive methods so as to create conducive and habitable environment that will improve work productivity.
  • Socio-economic development programs in backward areas especially for tribes.
  • Provide assistance to local governments to conduct social welfare programs. Eradication of poverty & illiteracy.
  • Developing National & International Integration in the society.
  • Collaboration with other non-profit Associations for wider support.
  • Environment protection Programs. Working for Global Peace, participate in Global Environment Security programs against global warming etc.
  • Conducting surveys & research on various socio-economic issues to analyse them with the help of technology.
  • Working with International organizations like United Nations to support wider performance.