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Kids gathered around a boy holding a football

Project Summary

SUGRADI is planning the construction of a Sport and Development Center in Ajegunle, a community stroke by unemployment, violence and illiteracy. This center would be composed of sporting facilities and classrooms. SUGRADI is dedicated to provide safe and healthy spaces for youth to learn and grow. Sports are a way to enhance socialization between youth from different backgrounds and encourage youth in impoverished areas to excel in their classroom by using sports as a motivational tool for success.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

All the communities SUGRADI work in are identified as deprived and marginalized areas where children lack supervision and opportunities. Ajegunle is characterized by violence, unemployment and illiteracy. Moreover, girls are also secluded and do not enjoy the same rights as the boys. SUGRADI in some of its activities is promoting Gender equality and encourage the girls to join our programs, also providing a safe space for youth to come together keep them away from bad influences and dangerous activities.

How will this project solve this problem?

The Center will ensure a secure location where youth is given the priority and can exercise their right to play, without interference or disruption. Moreover, the afterschool learning classes are contributing to improve the children's behaviour and performance in their respective classrooms. Most children do not benefit from their parents' help to study given the fact that most parents are illiterate. Therefore SUGRADI is bridging gaps in various ways.

Potential Long Term Impact

SUGRADI contributes to Nigeria's social and economic development on a long-term basis: the Center not only provides a safe environment for children, it also ensures an opportunity for children to play sports, helping SUGRADI in pursuing one of its mission. The Center offers job opportunities for locals who will maintain and manage the property. It inspires children to take part in basketball practices, enable more activities and will contribute to the development and education of Nigerian youth.

Funding Information

Total Funding Goal : 6,000000

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