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Picture of a Road

Project Summary

The menace caused by man-made damage to roads is increasing at an alarming rate. We will work to educate and create awareness by campaigning against road damage. This will ensure that the huge funds committed to maintaining and rehabilitating roads yearly by Government is not wasted and for everyone to experience motorable roads all year round, roads have to be well maintained and used properly.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The impact of the huge amount spent by the Government on road maintenance is not felt because members of the public have failed to desist from habits capable of causing avoidable damage to roads. People dump refuse in drains; this will not allow water to flow freely and thereby makes the drains to be blocked, and thus making water from the drains flow directly to roads which eventually cause damage to roads. Other habits that can cause damage to roads exhibited by people include, burning of items on roads, Excess axle load on roads, Indiscriminate cutting of road, Spillage of water from car wash on roads, Removal of Manhole Covers, and Pouring of Petroleum Products on Roads.

How will this project solve the problem?

We will work together with the Federal Road Maintenance Agency and other non-governmental agencies to campaign on road maintenance. There will be deportation of volunteers to different part of the country to impact moral values in people from time to time.

Potential long term impact

When people are aware of the dangers associated with bad road usage, they will embrace a good culture. Maintenance funds will no longer be unnecessarily wasted, we would have better roads and accidents will be reduced.

Funding information

Total funding goal: 5000000

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