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Hands In Unity

Project Summary

SUGRADI inspires people at the grassroot level around the world to contribute their talents, skills and knowledge towards becoming part of the most heart-warming Peace Movement ever. The organization will unite several thousands of people in over 30 countries, including several conflict areas. With concerts, dialogue projects, cartoons, movies, educational programs and other initiatives SUGRADI thrives to prevent armed conflicts & to connect opposing sides.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

SUGRADI recognizes a global challenge that involves on-going conflicts and struggling communities, individuals confronted with inequalities on a daily basis and find themselves with perceived limited opportunities to overcome these issues. SUGRADI also recognizes that these individuals possess skills, knowledge and talents necessary to overcome these challenges. Particularly youth, artists, social entrepreneurs are invited to become active in peace building.

How will this project solve this problem?

SUGRADI will be enabled to continue, to start up and support clubs, communicate about SUGRADI, invite artists, and organize events at grassroots level. More artists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, students, and others worldwide will be inspired and supported, to create local peace building initiatives applying their talents online and offline, to find solutions for conflicts by encouraging dialogue and culture of peace through arts and cultural initiatives.

Potential Long Term Impact

The potential long term impact for SUGRADI Project is a world with less (armed) conflicts and nuclear arms; in contrast, more international co-creation and unity to share opportunities equally and most prominently a high increase of positive attention and support to innovative peace projects. To face indifference globally, SUGRADI aims to have formed a movement of millions by 2014 with a long term vision to mobilize this movement towards less nuclear arms by 2020.

Funding Information

Total Funding Goal : 640000

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