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Housing Units

Project Summary

We will provide comfortable low cost-housing for 20 young homeless adults between the ages of 16 and 26 in Karshi, Abuja. In addition to accommodation, we will provide training and employment support for the beneficiaries of this project to allow them gain long term meaningful employment and independence.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Over 100,000 young adults in Abuja metropolis are homeless - either sleeping in parks on the side of the road or under the bridge. They work as prostitutes, steal or beg for a living. Without a home or support it is impossible for them to escape this poverty trap.

How will this project solve this problem?

We provide low cost social housing giving young people the ' breathing space ' they need to go back into education or gain the support they need to open up their own small business.

Potential Long Term Impact

The vast majority of this service user will gain meaningful long-term employment within 3 years of living in one of our social housing units. Our ultimate aim is for all our services users to live independently with dignity and hope for the future.

Funding Information

Total Funding Received to Date: Nil Total Funding Goal: 11250000

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