The 2014 edition of Africa Sustainability Directory, developed by Sustainable Growth Africa Development Initiative in collaboration with other business and industry partners, is an initiative to support and assist businesses and corporations in Africa 's Sustainability clusters and related sectors, providing a platform that companies could use to create awareness and recognition of their related products and services, increase existing networks, spark new collaborations, and thus penetrate global markets.

The increase in natural disasters, food and water security problems, biodiversity loss and climate change has awakened global interest and desire for clean energy, improved life quality and sustainable development. In respect of these, our corporate interest which is building sustainable growth and development in Africa seeks to achieve sustainability through implementation of clean and green technologies and efficient solutions. It is a wide, cross-sectoral industry comprising both vendors, consumer companies and businesses that cover areas such as:

  • Sustainable Business Practises
  • Waste and Water Management and Recycling
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Clean/Renewable Energy
  • Green Finance and Carbon Trading
  • Green Computing/IT
  • Environmental and Resources Management
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Land Use Planning
  • Smart Growth
  • Other Supporting Sectors

Listing in the directory is free. A complimentary copy will be given to you once published in cognisance and appreciation of your participation.