|| Attention People of Africa !!! ||

Here is your chance to be recognized for your photography work and imagination! We are looking for photographs that capture the essence of sustainability in Nigeria.

Contest Winners:

  • Will have their photographs included in SUGRADI's Year-end Report (NOV 2013)
  • Will be featured on SUGRADI's website
  • One Winning Photograph will be chosen to have and showcased on the cover of the report, as the new face of sustainability in Nigeria!

One Winner will be selected for each of the following three categories:

  • Sustainable Architecture/Spaces
  • Sustainable Activities (at home, work or for fun)
  • Sustainable Energy

Contestants are free to make as many photograph submissions as they like, prior to the contest deadline. Deadline to Submit Photographs is.......... Please submit all contest photos online below!


  • Sustainable Activities (at home, work or for fun)
  • Sustainable Architecture & Sustainable Spaces
  • Sustainable Energy