About this Initiative

Collect-a-Can Initiative is one of SUGRADI's advocacy programs for a clean and green environment. We discovered that more have been said than done about recycling in Nigeria, therefore we are adopting this initiative in order to actively clean Nigeria one step at a time.

Mission of the Initiative

The mission of this initiative is as follows

  • To ensure the active implementation of recycling in Nigeria, starting with Can recycling.
  • To collaborate with the government and other concerned bodies in achieving a clean environment and reducing climate change and environmental degradation.
  • To encourage environmental and business sustainability of the Companies using Cans for production.
  • To educate and sensitize Nigerians on the benefits of recycling.

Vision of the Initiative

It is our vision to be the most active and effective convener of waste reduction and create a sustainable packaging material recovery means that will synchronize with a green environment.


Collect-a-can initiative is a program designed to sensitize the young people about the environment and ensure their impact as an activist in keeping their immediate surroundings clean. The aim of this program is summarized thus :

  • To create awareness of recycling as a great tool of waste management
  • To actively involve young people in recovering metal cans for recycling
  • To integrate positive environmental initiatives in the school curriculum

This initiative gives room for Schools to participate. This is a competition in which the schools involved shall be rewarded for Can collection which majorly is from household waste and they are for recycling purpose.

This action will help educate the school children that wastes are not wastes after all, giving them environmental awareness and showing them advantages of recycling while providing teachers of participating schools with educational tools to make learning easier and more enjoyable for the children.

The data collected during the process can be included in learning subjects like science and mathematics, thus playing a practical role as well as saving the environment from degradation. This will also help in educating them to be informed, sensitive and aware of being an active agent of clean environment advocacy.


Collect-a-Can Initiative is inviting schools within Abuja and its environs to participate in this competition. This is a good way of raising funds for the school from collected metal cans. The participating schools also have the advantage of winning prizes monthly or annually and creating environmental awareness in the process.

How the School Competition Works

The participating schools are expected to collect and deliver as many as possible used beverage cans weekly. These schools get paid for cans delivered and stand the chance of winning fantastic prizes monthly. The competition will run annually, starting on the 1st of February and ends on the 31st of October. The data collected for each School for the period of ten months shall be used to pick the winners. The Prize-giving day shall be held in November.

Click here to download registration form

Can Craft Competition

Do you want to be a hero for your School? Do you care about your Environment and want to have fun while doing so? ......explore and actualize your imagination by participating in this competition. We want to see what you can make out of used beverage cans around you. Create anything with cans e.g. a computer system or a car. Let your imagination run wild and stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes. We will reward you for your creativity. The competition starts by July 1st to end on September 30th.

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It is important to contact us if your school wants to be part of this initiative. This will help us to determine the route of our contractors and whether they are able to reach your school when picking up your collections. This will also help in tracking your record and provide collection bags for the recovered Cans. Collections shall be done on Wednesdays and Fridays but collections outside normal business hours will however only be done by prior arrangement.


Conditions for Can collection are as follows:

  • Only used metal Cans will be accepted
  • The used metal Cans should be empty
  • Bags containing other items aside used metal Cans will be rejected
  • Sort and separate your recovered used metal cans i.e. Aluminum Cans(energy drinks), Paint, aerosol and oil Cans(used at garages and fuel stations), beverage cans (cold drink and beer), Food (Milo, dog food, baked beans, coffee tins etc.).

For more information and enquiries, please call +234 8120970316


Only the names of participating Schools appear here. If you want to be part of this Collect-a-Can competition, download and fill the entry form. All Schools in Abuja both Secondary and Primary are legible to participate. If you are interested in supporting these participating schools by donating cans on their behalf or providing recycling infrastructure to them, you are welcome to contact them directly.