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Project Summary

The Carbon Project is a voluntary program whereby SUGRADI partners commit to managing and reducing their organizational greenhouse gas emissions. The Carbon Project can improve the environmental and economic performance of organizations in Nigeria.

Reporting & Public Recognition

Annual community reporting events and recognition for responsible environmental action through the SUGRADI's website and other media outlets.

Carbon Accounting Tool

The carbon accounting tool helps partners calculate and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

Educational Forums

Community gatherings that facilitate the sharing of ideas, strategies and best practices for greenhouse gas reductions among experts, partners and non-partners.

Technical Workshops

Greenhouse gas consultants, service companies and other technical experts provide partners with technical information on energy and greenhouse gas management and reduction.

Directory of Consultants

SUGRADI offers a list of reliable greenhouse gas service professionals.

Regulatory/Informational Updates

SUGRADI keeps its partners informed with the latest climate change related regulatory updates, available grants and other pertinent information.

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