Farmers-Tutor-Worker Initiative

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Female Farmer at Work

Project Summary

A farmer in a rural area who has to trek several kilometres to the nearest town to sell his goods, uncertain about the weather when next he has goods to sell, ignorant about how best he can care for his crops and animals if they get sick ... or the fair market price for his goods and worst of all, he is too poor to afford information that can help him.... What is his survival hope? This is the kind of woes that betide millions of poor farmers and their families, making their lives difficult at best ... and dangerous at worst, putting livelihoods - and lives - at real risk. Can you help us help them?

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Poor farmers in rural areas are exposed to real risks when they don't have the information they need to care for their crops, their animals ... or their families. Through SUGRADI's Farmers Tutor Worker (FTW) initiative, hundreds of poor farmers in Nigeria will help tens of thousands like themselves by providing real-time information through a smartphone connected to specially designed databases - increasing income and saving lives. Help us spread this program worldwide.

How will this project solve this problem?

In our Farmers Tutor Worker (FTW) initiative in Nigeria, poor farmers who will be chosen as community workers by their peers will use smartphones connected to our specially designed databases to provide others in their remote communities with up-to-date, accurate information - including weather reports, caring for animals, planting crops, treating pests and diseases, and getting fair market prices for what they produce.

Potential Long Term Impact

Poor, rural farmers - half of whom live on less than 200 naira per day - live on a financial knife's edge. Their income is inconsistent, and constantly at risk. Bad weather can wipe out crops, disease can destroy livestock and buyers can lie about prices in far-away towns. Access to accurate, timely information improves productivity and reduces risk for these farmers.

Funding Information

Total Funding Goal : 1,280000

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