Sustainable Growth Africa Development Initiative is a non-profitable, non-political voluntary Organization. It has headquarters at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. A group of like-minded people well versed with various socio-economic problems of the poor has come forward with one vision to start an organization that aims to develop the poor especially those who fall below the poverty line. Our fight is against poverty, hunger and climate change. Therefore we seek to integrate sustainable development by initiating and executing projects that will enhance quality lifestyle in Africa environmentally, economically and socially in affordable, accessible and replicable ways. We are working for the community development in all aspects.

The main aim of creating this Association is to bring socio-economic change to the poor and to the society at large. Our Association works towards attaining international standards. Poverty, illiteracy, hunger, lack of peace and climate change are the current main obstacles in this world. Natural disasters, food and water security problems and biodiversity loss are on the increase and mostly affect developing countries. A common man cannot survive by himself because the cost of living increases day by day. To establish a peaceful wealthy life, everyone must lend a hand, this is our duty as humans. Our Association's motive is "Towards a better life and sustainable future". To achieve this, there is a need for strong leaders with the capabilities of hard-work, accomplishment, cooperation, guidance, research and sincerity. Our Association has such capable persons. These persons run this Association by forming a committee to reach our goals. We have an association of committed people who employ wisdom in working towards the welfare of civilians. We do not work for commercial purposes, we work for the public good. Each dollar($) received is utilized for the development of the surrounding society. Our aim is to educate, eradicate poverty and work towards peace throughout Africa.

Funds for the Association come in many ways such as individual donations, publishing magazines, international contributions and so much more. We plan to employ many more techniques of attracting funds to our Association.

We enjoin everyone to be part of this sustainable cause; please become a member of this Association to give prosperous life to our generation and the ones to come. Your service can be in any form. It is not possible for everyone to work physically in this Association. As a member of this Association you have the right to give a suggestion which can be useful to the society. Even though you donate a single dollar ($) it can fill so many empty stomachs and give life to another.

We hope that everyone who reads this article will give a big hand to us. We want your blessings

Name of the OrganizationSustainable Growth Africa Development Initiative
Chief FunctionaryBukola Oladuja
Registration Number54572
Registration date18-July-2012
Address Plot 53, F.H.A Phase 2,Karu Site, Karu, Abuja.
P.O. Box17325 Garki Abuja
Executive Body7
Working Hours8.00 AM ‑ 5.00 PM (IST)
Income Tax ExemptionYes
Month of General Election April
Financial year of the Association01 April ‑ 31 March